Solo Exhibition & Sale EXTENDED!

Thank you to all of you who stopped into Framing & Art Centre Kitchener for my Solo Exhibition & Sale and my deepest gratitude to all your supportive comments and support. A close friend and artist went straight to "The Other Side" on Opening Reception night Sept 14 and said to me, "I'm taking this home!" And so she did to Windsor the next day. Sept 16 was the inaugural Belmont Bestival across the street from the Solo Exhibition and many more stopped by my booth as well as Framing & Art. Thank you for your support that day! Sales have been steady and Kris and Annemarie have been so pleased they have extended the Exhibition & Sale until Thanksgiving (mid October). They loved the visual display of all the possible, novel and creative ways to frame your favourite art work. So it's not too late to stop by and see the show. Hope to catch you there.