Natural Beauty

Grateful to a generous donor who makes it possible to have "Natural Beauty" (sunset at Jordan Harbourside, Niagara) hanging in the Provincial Office, Ontario-Kentucky Province of the Resurrectionists in Waterloo, ON, Canada.

[Below right: Very Rev Murray McDermott, CR, Provincial Superior, Ont-Kentucky Province]

Down by the river side

With strength, grace and thriving by the river side...a symbol of the amazing spirit of life, within and all around us. Spring opens my eyes to the wonderment of life re-emerging after winter's slumber.


By the Riverside

'Interconnected': 6 Degrees (or less) of Separation

Often I am reminded of the many unsuspected ways we are interconnected, at times when I least expect it--funerals, weddings, meeting guests at the Gallery. Often, in times of tragedy, the ties that draw us together are welcomed and necessary, and sadly with recent events in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, we are profoundly reminded of this across Canada, even the world. I am thankful for all those who are there when I need them, when I hardly realize we are even connected.

When I take time to observe ways of nature, I realize that "inter-connectedness" is nothing novel!

20172017interconnectedness-trees-wellesley 3-3.jpg


Fine art photography 17x23

Spring is coming!

I know March is still a winter month, yet all the signs are around us that spring is around the corner...robins are here, finches are courting and our hamamelis is blooming!

"Sugar Shack" taken outside Hawkesville, ON (archival, limited edition by ManChoi Chow)

"Sugar Shack" taken outside Hawkesville, ON (archival, limited edition by ManChoi Chow)

Live music is healing

Attended a jazz session in Feb at the Jazz Room (Huether Hotel, Waterloo) featuring Tim Moher and friends (octet). I underestimate the power of live music to soothe the soul and bring healing energy to the spirit. For more, go to my facebook page.

Tim Moher live at the Jazz Room, Waterloo Feb 24, 2018

Tim Moher live at the Jazz Room, Waterloo Feb 24, 2018


While most of Canada is in the midst of a deep freeze in Jan 2018, I turn to the memory of warmer days in 2017. I took this beauty (among several others) at the garden of Angela Granic in Waterloo. The smiling dahlia exudes sunshine and warmth, so I call it 'Sun Dahlia'.

2017dahlia 5_HDR2-3.jpg

John B Miller & Friends Advent concerts 2017

Music has power to heal--I truly believe this. This past weekend, Bonnie and I were privileged to witness the power of sacred music performed by John B Miller & Friends at various churches in the KW area. A truly soulful and re-creating experience. Here are some photos I took at the concerts to give you a taste. For more dates in December go to John B Miller.

website miller-2.jpg
website miller-7.jpg
website miller-6.jpg
website miller-2.jpg

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can"

Working on a card appropriate for the season to be entered in a contest at a local gallery, I decided to do something a bit unusual and provocative, not going with the expected light-hearted, wintery landscape or a scene evoking good cheer for the sake of being jolly. My intuition went to a recent scene that caught my attention while driving around Waterloo County (nearby Wallenstein and St. Clements) some of my favourite places to capture inspiring landscapes. I decided to make it monochrome to give it extra punch. In my mind this captures the spirit of the season, as we transition from fall to winter and for many around the world, whether religious or not, we seek sign posts that instill in our hearts hope and perseverance to embolden our spirits against stories and realities of doom, brokenness and despair. The words of Martin Luther King Jr came to me as I created this image: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can."

Only Love & Light Can

Only Love & Light Can

Autumnal beauty in Caledonia Ontario

What difference a year makes! I went looking for fall colours around Waterloo/Wellington counties in October and meandered through Caledonia. This scene caught my attention just driving into Orangeville on Hwy 10. Speaks to me about the cycle of life that Autumn denotes for me; huge contrast to the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows in the spectacular show of Fall colour around Hockley Valley one year ago. Mother Nature is full of surprises.

Looking Beyond

Autumnal beauty

Outside Orangeville ON